Custom Entrance Doors in Winnipeg

At Southern Shade Window & Door Inc., we have a wide variety of custom entrance doors to choose from. Our standard is a fibreglass slab with a PVC-composite frame and brick mould in smooth white or in a wood grain stainable material ready for you to paint or stain your door to any colour you desire. Our custom exterior doors also come as storm door-ready so that a storm door can be added at a later date.

We also provide our clients with the option to have the door slab painted to a custom colour of their choice. The paint is high-quality enamel paint with a semi-gloss finish that is extremely durable and wear-resistant. Call us today to know more about our custom exterior doors in winnipeg.

EntryMax Composite™ Doors

With an Industry-leading design, EntryMax Composite™ offers security, beauty, comfort and longevity that your home deserves. Sidelights are available with our door systems as well.

The Components
  • EntryMax Composite™ door frames are stronger than wood, will not rot and will last a lifetime.
  • Our fibreglass door slabs are stronger than steel.
  • They will not rust and are resistant to dents and damage.
  • The high-security design ensures maximum protection for your home.
  • Patented ratcheting strike plate that offers a consistent positive seal.
  • Ball bearing hinges provide smooth operation year after year.

The high-security design ensures maximum protection for your home. Standard and custom-matched colours are available. There are many glass options available in decorative and etched glass—this is an excellent way to create a beautiful entrance way while also allowing natural light in. Please visit our door glass suppliers’ websites to see all available options:

ENERGY STAR Technical Specification for Residential Windows, Doors, and Skylights Sold in Canada

Version 4.0 – February 1, 2015

Appendix A

The climate zones are determined by heating degree day (HDD) values as found in the Model National Building Code (2010). Specific locations, their HDD values and climate zone are shown below the map. If the location has an asterisk appended to it, the location has been assigned a colder zone to maintain market integrity.

Zone 3:> = 6000 HDDs
Zone 2: 3500 to < 6000 HDDs
Zone 1: < 3500 HDDs