Manitoba Hydro Financing for Windows and Doors 2022


If you’re interested in financing your windows and doors, you can apply for Manitoba Hydro’s Home Energy Efficiency Loan in addition to receiving a rebate from Efficiency Manitoba. Be sure to apply for financing before you start any work, including purchasing products. You could be eligible for window and door rebates through both the Federal Greener Homes Program and Efficiency Manitoba. As a Federal Greener Homes program participant, you wouldn’t need to have a post-audit completed to apply for our Windows and Doors Rebate. The Manitoba Hydro window rebate program is a program that helps homeowners improve energy efficiency. The Manitoba Hydro Program, like every other rebate program, depends on specific criteria. It helps homeowners improve energy efficiency. They will learn smarter and efficient ways to heat, cool, and power their homes. Not only that, but they also receive efficiency upgrades that they might wrongly think it’s beyond their pockets.

The Manitoba Hydro window loan is a convenient energy efficiency loan. It is an affordable and easy financing option for those who want to make energy upgrades to their homes. The loans cover upgrades for several products. The Manitoba Hydro windows and doors loan caters specifically for any kind of upgrades or loans related to any kind of windows and doors.

Actual Finance Plan

In this section, we’d be talking about all you need to know about the finance plans. The Energy Plan is on-bill and convenient financing for upgrades to electrical and gas systems. The Finance plan is available to Manitoba Hydro, small commercial, residential, seasonal, and farm customers. Bellows are essential facts about the finance plan:

  • The maximum duration is five years
  • The least amount that can be financed is $500
  • The minimum amount payable per month is $15
  • You can finance up to $5,000 for each residence
  • The interest rate is presently 6.75% per annum
  • It is the sole responsibility of the homeowner and not the tenants to repay the loan
  • Extra payment can be made anytime you want without any penalty
  • There is an administration fee of $20 to be paid six months before completion of payments
  • The loan is not transferable. It becomes due and payable once the house is sold.
  • You cannot split the cost of an upgrade between financing programs or two energy finance plan agreements


Below are the requirements before you will be considered:

  • You must own a property in which energy improvements are made not only that you must also possess an active Manitoba Hydro account that is in good standing.
  • If the property that needs to be upgraded is a seasonal property on a seasonal billing, you have to change to monthly billing to be eligible

What Does the Loan Cover?

Below are the qualifying upgrades the loan covers:

  • Piping of Natural gas, delivery, venting, permit, taxes, and cost
  • Center air conditioning systems. The conditioning system must have a minimum SEER (seasonal energy efficient ratio) of 13.0
  • Conventional Natural gas/ Electric water heaters. The electric heater must meet the required CSA C-191 standard.
  • Upgrades to electrical service entrance and panel board equipment
  • Wiring circuits and associated equipment
  • Natural gas and electric boilers/furnaces for farm, commercial and seasonal customers.
  • Gas pool heaters
  • Radon mitigation (by a certified C-NRPP contractor)
  • Chimney liner in conjunction with a qualifying water heater.
  • Combined heating systems
  • Unit heaters (natural convection, forced air, or forced air infrared)
  • Direct vent natural gas fireplaces (built-in and free-standing)
  • Security lighting and fixtures when undertaking electrical and energy improvement work
  • Electronic air cleaners that are permanently installed. You cannot use any kind of plug-in type of power adapter
  • Humidifiers that are permanently installed (hard-wired)
  • Dehumidifiers that are permanently installed (hard-wired)
  • Air purifiers that are permanently installed (hard-wired)
  • Furnace Ultra Violet Lights
  • ERVs not rated to −25°C
  • Heat pumps with air source for natural gas heated properties

Financing is not available for:

  • Seasonal dwellings (cottages and summer homes)
  • Commercial Properties
  • Garages
  • Apartment building
  • Unoccupied homes
  • Homes under construction
  • Used materials/ equipment
  • Projects already completed or in progress
  • Electrical and natural gas materials installed by gas fitter/ electrician that is not allied and licensed by the province of Manitoba
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Labour without the presence of adequate technology
  • Your labor and your materials and equipment are the only things eligible for DIY projects
  • Wiring and related equipment for old and new buildings that are not supplied with electrical service previously

Detailed Financing Information: How to Get the Loan (procedure)

The only step needed to apply for the loan is to liaise with a registered program supplier, either a retailer or a contractor. The registered supplier will help you to determine if you will be eligible for financing or not. And if yes, the supplier will put you through with the loan application. You can also apply to become a contractor or a retailer by visiting the Manitoba Hydro loan website and filling in the details. The process is relatively easy. You just have to fill in details about yourself and your company.

Prescriptive Compliance Options

Let’s take a look at the requirements for doors and windows.


These are the requirements for different types of doors.

  1. Swinging doors

Swinging doors must meet the following requirements:

  • A Minimum energy rating (ER) of 34 or
  • A maximum U-Value of 1.22(0.21)
  1. Sliding doors

Sliding doors must have the following requirements:

  • The minimum Energy rating of 34 or minimum U-Value is 1.22(0.21)
  • Triple pane glazing


Window work must adhere to the prescriptive or performance option:

  1. Performance compliance option (certified by Energy Star):
  • Maximum U-Value of 1.22 (0.21) or Minimum Energy Rating of 34
  • Triple pane glazing
  1. Prescriptive compliance option:
  • At least one low e-coating
  • Minimum 10mm warm edge spacer
  • Triple pane glazing
  • Argon gas fill
  • Thermally broken or non-metallic frame

Manitoba Hydro Requirements for Sliding Patio Doors

Below are tables showing the requirements for Sliding Patios:

Energy Star Zone Minimum Energy Rating
Zone 3 34

Energy Star Zone Minimum Energy Rating
1.20 (0.21) 24

Manitoba Hydro Requirements for Sliding Patio Doors

Door type Energy Star Zone Minimum Energy Rating
Swinging Door, Sidelites, and Door Transoms Zone 3 34
Sliding doors Zone 3 34

Door type Maximum U-Value Minimum Energy Rating
Swinging Door, Sidelites, and Door Transoms 1.20 (0.21) 24
Sliding doors 1.20 (0.21) 24

Proof of Energy Performance

Besides talking about the specifications and requirements, it is essential to note that the Energy ratings and U- Values cannot be given arbitrarily. The Energy ratings and U values for doors and windows must be listed on the ENERGY STAR website.

Alternatively, it can be provided by an independent third party in line with the 2009 or 2014 edition of A440.2/A440.3- Fenestration energy performance / User guide to CSA A440.2. A considerable percentage of Canadian windows now have tags with information that obeys the International Energy star standard rating. Many window companies are now embracing the North American Fenestration Standards (NAFS), this is also causing some changes to the Canadian Energy star rating. Products that have the Energy Star symbol will consume 20-30% less energy compared to the federal standards. While this standard is originally from the United States, European countries and Canada also follow it for most building products and consumer goods. We have various factors that are considered in determining if the vinyl windows obey the energy star requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the factors and their meaning.

  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): Ranging from 0 to 100. It is the measure of heat a pane of glass gains. A rating of 100 means the product has the highest gain of solar heat.
  • U-Factor: This is a measure of heat transfer. The U-Factor does not put into consideration heat gained from the sun through the window glass. A great I+Factor means the transfer of heat from a warm to a cold area is fast.
  • Energy Rating (ER): This is measured from 0 to 50. It balances the U-Factor of a product with the airtightness and solar energy heat gain. A low ER means the product is less energy efficient
  • Visible Transmittance (VT): This is a measure of the amount of visible light that can go through a product. A lower value indicates that less light will pass through it. It is measured from 0 to 100
  • Airtightness and other standards: Products will also undergo the standard test that measures airtightness, strength, and water tightness.

The knowledge of what these values represent will help in determining the windows that are best for your rooms.

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